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Ginny was an aboriginal girl who lived in Australia during World War II. She was a guardian of the "hymnal skein".

One day she left her home for Sydney, guided by her dreams. She arrived the day that a Japanese submarine torpedoed an American warship. She ignored the chaos, following the call of her dream. She reached the cliff edge and jumped. She dreamed of someone who was trying to tear the hymnal skein.

Ginny began to climb the cliff. She was followed by Jed Allum, who was following the voice in his head telling him to find "the enemy". He attacked Ginny, but was stopped from harming her further by Ace. When the Seventh Doctor arrived, she was singing a wordless song. He gave Ginny the box entrusted to him by Li Chen Mei. She sent him to help Mei. (PROSE: Hymn of the City)

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