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Glenda Neil was a middle-aged English society hostess.

In 1920, Glenda was in Lord Farthingale's country retreat when Sebastian Marten and Paul Steiffers were killed. During his investigation of these deaths, Dr Merrivale Carr gathered the house guests into the library, where he believed that Glenda was originally the male impersonator and Broadway entertainer, Kitty Kickshaw, and the murders were a cover-up being discovered. Immediately after, the Ninth Doctor and Rose arrived, explaining the deaths were the result of "invisible aliens".

A haze appeared, accompanied by a buzzing sound. Bart Faversham had started being lifted up and was tossed into the fire. The Doctor and Rose figured out that it was the drive of the invisible aliens' spaceship that was inadvertently causing this, proving Glenda's innocence. The Doctor signalled the ship with the standard galactic code of the 455th century to repair the ship.

When the haze subsided, Glenda took her first opportunity to spit in Dr Carr's face for insinuating she had murdered Sebastian and Steiffers. (PROSE: Doctor vs Doctor)