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Global Chemicals was a company which developed a new technique for refining oil in the 1970s. After receiving approval from the Ministry of Ecology, an oil refinery headed by Director Stevens was opened in Llanfairfach, Wales. Secretly, not only was Global Chemicals dumping lethal toxic waste into the abandoned coal mine, creating giant maggots, but Stevens had been taken over by the meglomaniacal supercomputer BOSS.

Global Chemicals had friends in the Cabinet of the United Kingdom; in order to intimidate the Brigadier into backing down, Stevens called up the Minister of Ecology, who forbade any investigation of the company. When the Brigadier protested, the Prime Minister (Jeremy Thorpe) backed up Global Chemicals as well.

The Third Doctor and UNIT investigated the company's activities and the refinery was shut down. (TV: The Green Death)

Behind the scenes Edit

Global Chemicals was renamed "Panorama Chemicals" in the novelisation after a real company by that name objected.

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