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Commander Designate Gluon-Alpha-Sierra-Zero-1 was the leader of the Empire of Eternal Victory ship that invaded Black Horizon. Detecting some valuable cargo, he ordered an investigation.

While hiding in a cargo bay, Zero-1 overheard the Eleventh Doctor speak of the giant spider, which created an endless supply of diamonds webs, probably the last of its kind. Finding this intriguing, Zero-1 decided that he would capture the spider to make riches beyond imagination. He also decided to take the Doctor's TARDIS, knowing it to be the only remaining Gallifreyan time machine left in existence. He trapped the Doctor and his friends inside his ship.

After the Doctor and his friends escaped from their cells, to his frustration, he decided to press the attack on the spider and ordered the Empire of Eternal Victory to destroy it. Unknown to him, the spider was making a counter attack and most of his robots were killed. He tried to escape, but he was crushed by an asteroid. (PROSE: Web in Space!)

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