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A goat was an animal that was a common sight in India.

Like cows, goats also produced milk which humans consumed. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

In 1921, Buster Keaton starred a film in which he played a goat. Liv Chenka and Martin Donaldson saw the film at a cinema in London. (AUDIO: A Life in the Day)

Upon landing in Calcutta in 1947, the Tenth Doctor was, perhaps jokingly, worried about scaring the goats. So prevalent were goats in Indian society that it could be troubling if they were absent. Cameron Campbell once travelled in rural India and was disturbed by the fact he couldn't see even one child pulling a goat around by a string. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

Breeds Edit

Mountain goats were amongst the distinctive subspecies known to exist on Earth. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)