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The Godspeed was an interstellar spaceship. Its mission was to claim planets for its parent company. It was crewed by Locklear, Tobbs, Thelesa, Keinholz, and Ferrier. Tobbs went outside the ship to investigate a power loss, and was killed by the space barnacles that were feeding on he ships energy. With the last of the ships power, they sent out a distress call, which was picked up by the Ninth Doctor. The crew fired their plasma cannons at the barnacles, but they just converted the energy into mass and multiplied. The Doctor agreed to help them, on the condition that they leave the barnacles in peace. The crew shut down all systems on the Godspeed, and he and Locklear went into the TARDIS. The Doctor materialised outside the ship, attracting the barnacles, and then moved to a nearby asteroid belt, taking the barnacles with him. He then returned Locklear to the Godspeed. (PROSE: The Hungry Night)

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