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Golcrum was a Canisian soldier. When Ace was captured trying to escape from the Santine Republic after having warned their Council of a Canisian invasion, Golcrum was assigned to guard her. The Time Lord Casmus materialised onboard the Canisian ship and used the power to disable Golcrum and to plant the idea in his mind of medicine as a future career. Upon being revived he offered medical advice to Canisian leader General Tannis and for this, and for the escape of Ace, Golcrum was exiled to the planet Anima Persis - a geo-psychic world inhabited by the spirits of a population wiped out by plague centuries earlier.

Shortly afterwards, Ace was sent to Anima Persis by Casmus as part of her training to become a Time Lord. There, she became disoriented by the disembodied spirits but was helped by the stranded Golcrum to escape in Casmus' TARDIS. Travelling to Earth with Ace to help repel a Canisian invasion, Golcrum offered his medical help to the soldiers of UNIT injured by his former colleagues. (NOTVALID: Death Comes to Time)

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