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Golem (The Art of Destruction)

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Biological type: Living gold statues
Affiliated with: Valnaxi
Appearance: The Art of Destruction
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Golems were a biologically-modified species of magma forms. They took over any lifeform with which they came into contact and turned that lifeform into a living statue of gold. They were created by the Valnaxi as defenders of their art.

The Golems, however, could only extend themselves to a certain number of lifeforms, so there were a limited number of them. Any life taken over by a Golem immediately became another golem to become a guard. When fighting Wurms, however, Golems were easily destroyed by modified insectoid creatures in the mud shot by the Wurms. Golem victims included a miner and a vulture who stumbled upon a Golem in the 22nd century. (PROSE: The Art of Destruction)

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