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Golls were an intelligent species native to Dellah.

Biology Edit

Most Golls were large furry creatures, (PROSE: The Medusa Effect) but the gamma-males were much smaller and weaker. They were extremely emaciated and spent their lives hanging onto an alpha-female. They would require mechanical assistance to move in other circumstances. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

History Edit

The Golls were one of the major political forces and had the largest navy on Dellah, controlling much of the Silvasic Sea. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

Antok, one of the archaeologists that came to Canopus IV in 2594, was a gamma-male Goll. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

The Advanced Research Department used Golls for guards. (PROSE: Oh No It Isn't!, The Medusa Effect)

When there was a murder on the Lady of the Lorelei, the Golls didn't immediately help because the area in which it occurred was contested with the Sylan and the Zhurunti. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

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