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"To google" was to search for information on the Internet, through the Google search engine.

While Gwen Cooper presented to the rest of the Torchwood Three team what she'd found on the Black Death, the Grim Reaper, the parish St James and the church St Mary's, Toshiko retorted, "Are we seriously gonna act on something she's googled?" (TV: Dead Man Walking)

When Sarah Jane Smith revealed that she'd kept tabs on some of the Doctor's past companions through internet search, Clyde Langer asked, "What do you google, TARDIS?" (TV: Death of the Doctor)

Before describing the Bootstrap Paradox, the Twelfth Doctor said to "google it". (TV: Before the Flood)

In 2008, Ianto Jones told Zeynep to google the SkyPuncher. (AUDIO: Fall to Earth)

In 2015, Gabby Finch sarcastically told her husband Joel Finch that she did not google Rome's best prisons. (AUDIO: Fallen Angels)

Dr Colem Litchem googled a contact number and bio-ID for the university from which he planned to request research funds. (PROSE: Private Investigations)

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