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Seed, right, doubling for Arthur Darvill, as seen in CON: Arthurian Legend

Gordon Seed was a stunt performer on the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who, whose body type has allowed him to emulate David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, and Matt Smith. He was used with particular frequency during series 5. Although credited as early as The Idiot's Lantern, much of his work has gone uncredited. However, he was regularly seen — if not interviewed — during the fifth series of Doctor Who Confidential, particularly on the episodes that accompanied Amy's Choice and Vincent and the Doctor.

From series 7 on, Seed served as stunt co-ordinator. He was first assistant stunt co-ordinator on The Girl Who Waited. While credited as stunt co-ordinator, Gordon Seed was also the stunt double for the Doctor in The Day of the Doctor. (DWMSE 38)

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