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Grahm was a Glacian of Bruhl. He was falsely accused of stealing a Zilgor thought-cube and pursued by the police, during which he fell into a crevasse. The First Doctor rescued him, but they were soon afterwards captured by the police and taken to Rraprro, who sentenced Grahm to death and had them imprisoned. Grahm told the Doctor about his world's history, then both were rescued by Ffreuf, the one who had actually stolen the thought-cube, in the hope that the Doctor could help discover how to use it. After the Doctor learned from the cube what had happened to the Zilgors, Grahm took him back to the TARDIS. Upon arriving there, they were attacked by the police, but Grahm and the rebels drove them off while the Doctor escaped. (PROSE: Justice of the Glacians)

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