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The Great Bairn (also known as the Great Bear) was a method of storing the DNA of the Vampire Warriors.

Features Edit

The Great Bairn was a small box with concave sides. It stored the DNA of their children, which had been physically reverted into DNA. (PROSE: Snowfall)

History Edit

Thousands of years before the 20th century, the Vampire Warriors were in a war that would destroy their planet. In order to save themselves, they created the Great Bairn and jettisoned it into space. They planned to return and pick it up if they survived, allowing them to replenish their race. The Great Bairn landed on Earth and was found by the Incas. They realised its power and stored it in the Tomb of the Bear.

In 1934, the Eleventh Doctor was investigating the Great Bairn again, but found that it was being searched for by alien forces. He planned to hide it by taking it to the future. After getting past the expedition to open the Tomb of the Great Bear and getting through a Bom-borradoh portal, the Doctor was able to get to 2009, where he delivered it to David Kershaw to be stored in his museum.

Later, David gave the Great Bairn to Marze of the Lyttle Monsters Inc. Though Marze claimed to be making copies for sale in the museum, he actually planned to recreate the Vampire Warriors. The Doctor was able to stop Marze and revert the Vampires that were created into DNA again. At this time, he planned to hide the Great Bairn more thoroughly. (PROSE: Snowfall)

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