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Rani reads Great Expectations (TEP)

Rani Chandra reads Great Expectations. (TV: The Empty Planet)

Great Expectations was a novel by Charles Dickens that the Ninth Doctor identified on Christmas Eve 1869. (TV: The Unquiet Dead)

While visiting the Reform Club in 1866, the Eighth Doctor got into an argument with Dickens about an error in Great Expectations. (AUDIO: The Man Who Wasn't There)

In 1884, Captain Kybo read Great Expectations to help him learn English. (AUDIO: Judoon in Chains)

In 2010, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer had to read the book for school. Typically, Rani took the assignment far more seriously than Clyde. He claimed that all one needed to do to understand the novel sufficiently for the purposes of school was to "read the beginning, the end and page 73". (TV: The Empty Planet)

In 2016, the assortment of objects in the conservatory of the old stone house reminded Tanya Adeola of a scene from the novel adapted to a scenario when Miss Havisham were a keen gardener. (PROSE: The Stone House)

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