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A greenhouse was an artificial enclosed environment used for the growing of plants. It functioned by amplifying sunlight. (COMIC: The Crystal Throne)

A man in a Mackintosh visited a Liverpool police station on Christmas Day, 1965, to file a complaint that "rebels" were repeatedly moving his greenhouse. (TV: "The Feast of Steven")

Tosh once stole some corn, a broom and a few other things from the Third Doctor's greenhouse. (PROSE: Morphology)

At age fourteen, Fitz kicked a football into George Cullen's dad's greenhouse. (PROSE: Frontier Worlds)

The Arboretum was a giant interstellar greenhouse in the distant future that contained an example of every kind of plant life from Earth. (COMIC: The Killer Weed)

Tomalin Pilke worked in the greenhouses on the outskirts of Christmas. (PROSE: The Dreaming)

Piotr Volkov helped Bernice Summerfield find information about the greenhouse and discover Hugo Tollip's plans. (PROSE: The Tree of Life)

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