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Greta Rodrigues was a resident of the Galápagos Islands in 1835. Her brother Emilio had an encounter with Silurians that drove him mad. After her attempts to make a last appeal to Governor Lawson met with failure, Greta accompanied the Sixth Doctor to the prison, where she and the Doctor were captured by the Silurians, realising that Emilio had discovered them and been driven mad in the process. Although they escaped their cell, the Doctor realised that they had been allowed to flee when they retreated to the HMS Beagle and were attacked by a Myrka. Examining a sonic transmissions detector, the Doctor realised that Greta had been implanted with an ultrasonic device that was drawing the Myrka to the ship. Although she did not understand the technical terms the Doctor used, Greta realised that the Myrka would destroy the entire Beagle just to get at her, and so chose to sacrifice herself to it to save the rest of the crew. (AUDIO: Bloodtide)