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Ground Zero (comic story)

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Ground Zero
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Featuring: Susan, Sarah, Peri
Main enemy: Threshold
Main setting: Notting Hill, London, 2082
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel UK
Editor: Gary Gillatt
Writer: Scott Gray
Artist: Martin Geraghty, Bambos Georgiou
Letterer: Elitta Fell
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Magazine 238-242
Release date: 11 April - 1 August 1996
Cover date: 8 May - 28 August 1996
Format: Comic - 5 parts
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Ground Zero was a comic story featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Notable for featuring a fate for the character Ace not supported by any other sources, it was one of the most controversial Doctor Who Magazine strips.

Summary Edit

The Threshold have kidnapped three of the Doctor's former companions, along with his current one, using them for their employer's benefit: the Lobri — a creation of the human unconsciousness, feeding on fear. They intend to destroy the unconscious link between humans. The Doctor must stop them, but at what cost?

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Energy and radiation Edit

Individuals Edit

  • The Threshold neuro-lock Susan.
  • Peri is tortured in order to harvest the greatest amount of fear from her.

Timeline Edit

Species Edit

  • The Threshold's clients are called the Lobri.


  • The Doctor links the Threshold's ring to the TARDIS's trans-reality navi-systems.
  • As the TARDIS breaks through the collective unconsciousness, it starts to break apart, the cloister bell begins to ring, the Doctor tells Susan to refocus the force-field prisms.
  • After the TARDIS's journey into the collective unconsciousness, the Doctor tells Susan to re-establish the tertiary navi-links.
  • The Doctor lands the TARDIS inside the Lobri, claiming that the safety interlocks would have prevented this had they been functioning.

Weapons Edit

  • Nitro-9 is powerful enough to dispatch several of the Lobri.

Notes Edit

  • The first part of this comic starts with three inset panels from the last part of this comic.
  • This comic features the apparent death of Ace, still a teenager, an account not supported by any other media.
  • Then Doctor Who Magazine Editor Gary Gillatt explained this choice in DWM 240, citing the resurrections of Abslom Daak in Emperor of the Daleks! not being known of by the Doctor in Deceit and the similar and conflicting Silurian stories Final Genesis and Blood Heat as instances where the continuities had diverged in the past. He stated " a result, we concluded things would be much simpler if the Marvel strip followed its own path". Following this, in DWM 242, Gillatt stated, "The bottom line is that Marvel's Doctor Who comic strip has been going strong since 1979. With seventeen years of our own continuity to draw upon we see no need (or feel any obligation) to try and shoehorn another publishing company's characters and concepts into our own."
  • Part four was published in the same issue dedicated to the recent death of Jon Pertwee
  • The Seventh Doctor is wearing the same outfit he is wearing in TV: Doctor Who, and the console room and the rest of the TARDIS, resembling the design last seen in Battlefield, is heavily damaged during this story, seemingly setting up for the changes seen in the TV movie.

Continuity Edit

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