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Grow Your Own was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

Summary Edit

Arriving on the planet Hespic to offer Amy Pond and Rory Williams a chance to try the amazing cuisine, the Eleventh Doctor opens the door to find the place overrun with plants that seems to have grown since yesterday afternoon. The rapid growth seems to be due to a creature roaming loose. It looks a cross between a chicken and a sheep. The creature, now having wandered into the TARDIS, seems to exude a kind of super-fertiliser from its constant flatulence. The TARDIS is full of fully grown plants from many planets, rapidly grown from seeds on the bottom of the travellers' shoes. While trying to capture the creature, the Doctor becomes tangled in vines, leaving Rory and Amy to trap it.

Rory suggests the TARDIS lights are accelerating the plant growth. He dons a pair of night goggles. The TARDIS lights are dimmed and the creature is trapped in a box. The Doctor is cut down from the vines and decides to move the plants to the ship's botanical section, saving him a trip to the garden centre. He sets about finding a planet that needs help with agriculture where the creature can be dropped off.

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Notes Edit

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Original print details Edit

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

Continuity Edit

  • The idea of seeds being unknowingly brought aboard the TARDIS was also used in TV: Amy's Choice.

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