Guilt was the fourth and final story in the I, Davros series released by Big Finish Productions.

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"That is our world out there. A chemical soup for a sky above and a scarred, radioactive wasteland below. It is purgatory. But we must make it paradise!"

The Kaled city is now ravaged, and life has become one of fear, protected by a vast transparent dome that covers the city ruins. The Thals undertake a desperate mission to take Davros away from his laboratories, and the Supremo must send a crack squad over enemy lines to retrieve his chief scientist. Led by the morally bankrupt Lieutenant Nyder, Davros is rescued. But he has been changed by the experience, and where once he stood for knowledge, he now espouses the utter extermination of the Thal people. To this end, Davros will stop at nothing to make sure his legacy lives on...

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  • The Kaleds measure time in rels.
  • Davros experiments and genetically alters many of the Kaleds' infant population, creating further mutations of the Kaleds.
  • Davros can survive for a brief period outside of his life support chariot.
  • For several years, Davros' contribution to the war effort are solely in the area of biological research.
  • Nyder rescues Davros from one of the Thal Domes.
  • Davros used to enjoy sweet tea.
  • Captain Croag and the Highland Rangers was a propaganda television series which was screened among the Kaled population. Davros watched it as a child, as did Yarvell. One episode of the series featured Captain Croag being taken prisoner and tortured in the Thal Dome. He eventually made his escape with nothing but a length of rusted pipe to use as a weapon.
  • The Kaleds' birthrate is rapidly declining with mutations, stillbirths and other such things becoming much more commonplace.
  • At the conclusion of the Book of Predictions, written in the extinct tongue of the Dals, it says "...and on that day, men will become as gods." In the original language, the final word is pronounced "Dal-ek."
  • With the assassinations of the Supremo and the other members of the Council of Twelve, Davros becomes the de facto Kaled head of state as their deaths leave him as the most senior surviving civilian within the Kaled Dome since he is the head of the Scientific Elite. He promotes Nyder to Security Commander.
  • The password which Davros uses to gain admittance to Pediatric Facility K99 is "CALCULA."
  • Davros transplants a Thal brain, that of the captured spy Baran, into his first Mark I Travel Machine, an early prototype of what would later become known as a Dalek. Davros based its design on that of his life support chariot. Its first word is the name of its creator: "Davros." This was followed by "I am alive!"

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