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The Lance of Longinus, also known as the Spear of Destiny and Gungnir, was the weapon which pierced the side of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion on Golgotha. Throughout history, the lance was highly sought after. (COMIC: Project Longinus)

According to the Time Lords, it was one of only six Physical Temporal Nexuses in existence. The Spear always hit its target, no matter how far away it was. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

History Edit

In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great found what he believed to be the Spear. (COMIC: Project: Longinus)

In 33, when Jesus Christ hung on the cross, a Roman soldier named Longinus drove his spear into Jesus' side to see if he was dead. Shortly afterwards, the spear went missing. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

In 141, The Master tried to obtain it in Uppsala, but was stopped by the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, who left him with a recreation of the Spear. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

In the 4th century, Constantine I found a spear that he thought was the Longinus. (COMIC: Project: Longinus)

In 1938, a spear which may have been the Longinus was kept in a Vienna museum. When Adolf Hitler invaded Austria, he took the spear back to Berlin. Although he possessed the spear throughout World War II, the Nazis still lost. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny) Some people - including Nimrod - believed that this spear was a 13th century fake. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny, COMIC: Project: Longinus) The Doctor believed that it may have been the real Spear and that it had no effect on Hitler because he rarely physically held it. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

In 1973, the Spear was kept in the Moxon Collection. Under orders from the High Council, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant tried to replace the Spear with a decoy and destroy the real one, but they unable to due to the advanced security. They decided to go back in time and replace the Spear in the past. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

In the early 2000s, the real Spear was kept in the Hecht Museum of Unexplained and Occult Material. Nimrod broke into the museum and stole the Spear. (COMIC: Project: Longinus)

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