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Guy Adams was a junior civil servant in the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In the early 21st century, Adams' friends and family inexplicably started trying to kill him. Chloe sent the Eighth Doctor to protect him.

The Doctor learned that Adams was part of the Council of Eight's plan to control the universe. Kalicum, a member of the Council, altered the DNA of D'Amantine, one of Adam's ancestors. Thirteen generations later, Adams was able to host the alien essence Kalicum had infused in some diamonds kept by Chloe. Kalicum was going to implant them in Adams, seal him in a dwarfstar container and send it back in time before Event One. After the universe began, the essence would became part of the fabric of reality, allowing the Council to manipulate the universe as they wished.

The Doctor managed to save Adams, removing the diamonds and placing them in Chloe's doll. He returned Adams to the 21st century afterwards. (PROSE: Timeless)

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