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Guy de Carnac
Species: Human
Affiliated with: Knights Templar
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Sanctuary
Other appearances: AUDIO: The Quality of Mercy
Main voice actor: Joe Young
Guy de Carnac was a member of the Knights Templar. He left the order in disgrace and became a wandering mercenary.

He had at least one run-in with the Inquisition. (AUDIO: The Quality of Mercy) The Seventh Doctor and Benny met him in 13th century France when they used the Jade Pagoda to escape a black star. Benny fell in love with Guy, but the romance ended tragically, as he was killed saving her and the Doctor. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

Legacy Edit

The Doctor created the John Smith persona to help him understand the human emotion of grief that Benny was feeling after Guy's death. (PROSE: Human Nature) Years later, when Benny had a baby, she named him Peter Guy Summerfield, to honour Guy. (PROSE: The Glass Prison)

The Twelfth Doctor said that every time he visited France he thought of Guy and the sacrifice he made. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)


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