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The hallucinatory Amy Pond, saying goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor. "Raggedy Man... good night." TV: The Time of the Doctor


A hallucination was the perception of something that was not present.

After Field Major Styre captured Sarah Jane Smith, he subjected her to Experiment 7: resistance to fear. He put a device on her head which gave her hallucinations. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

After landing on Varos, a guard thought the TARDIS was a hallucination caused by the Punishment Dome. (TV: Vengeance on Varos)

The psychedelic sky and landscape of Simia KK98 caused most humanoids to experience hallucinations. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

Just before regenerating, the Eleventh Doctor had a hallucination of the young and adult Amy Pond. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)


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