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The Hambleton Estate was a complex of several houses on Grass Street. It was built in a secluded part of the Lake District. The people of the estate had moved there from across the UK and wanted to escape the city life. They spent a lot of time together, went shopping in Carlisle, and were running each others kids to school and the cinemas. Mrs Townsend was already living there for a long time when Nathan Goss moved to 64 Grass Street together with his parents Marco and June. June and Marco weren't liked by their neighbours. There were unfriendly, complained a lot and never smiled. Nathan Goss was very kind and a team player. He was the only family member that was missed when the family vanished one night and a young friendly couple moved into their house.

Other people that were living at the Hambleton Estate were Mrs Galagher, Mr Robinson & his two daughters. (PROSE: The Lost Boy)

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