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Hammersmith was an urban centre of western London. It was just east of Chiswick.

In 1965, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright returned to Earth in a Dalek time machine, across the road from White City tube station in Hammersmith. (TV: The Chase)

In 2008 Coldfire Construction put up a new technology block in one of the schools in Hammersmith. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

Circa December 2008, Luke Smith's Slitheen "parents" lived in Hammersmith (TV: The Lost Boy) at 26 Chalsey Grove. (PROSE: The Lost Boy)

Rory Williams worked as a nurse in a hospital in Hammersmith, next to the White City tube station, after moving to London. In the early 21st century, the Shakri established a wormhole in one of the hospital's elevators. (TV: The Power of Three)

Behind the scenes Edit

Hammersmith is the location of Riverside Studios. White City, home of BBC Television Centre, is a section of Hammersmith. The building highlighted as Rory Williams' hospital is BBC Centre House.

The shot of the Dalek emerging from the river in The Dalek Invasion of Earth was filmed near Hammersmith Bridge.

Dalekinvasion 102

Dalek emerging from the river near Hammersmith Bridge

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