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Hans Kesar was Consul General of the Haddron Republic. He wanted to be Emperor of Haddron and for the government to become an empire. Kesar declared himself emperor in all but name and the republic became an empire. Fellow Consul Milton Trayx, General in Chief of the Haddron Armed Forces, and his millionaire friend Gerhart Rutger were unsure what to think of this.

When Kesar lost the fifth legion, Trayx declared war on Kesar. This civil war resulted in the defeat and imprisonment of Kesar and his soldiers, among those imprisoned was General Axell Cruger, Kesars Second in Command. They were imprisoned on Santespri, a fortress prison on the outskirts of the Haddron Empire. During Kesar's transportation to Santespri, he was caught in an explosion. This explosion resulted in him having to wear a metal mask and use an artificial mouth piece for the rest of his life.

Milton Trayx, now the leader of the Haddron republic, came to watch over his old friend, but the prison was under siege by VETAC robots. Kesar and Trayx had to work with the Second Doctor and his companions to escape Santespri and protect Kesar. General Cruger had ordered the fifth legion to disappear. He had also ordered their arrival to Santespri so Kesar could become leader again. However, it wasn't Kesar in the mask, but Gerhart Rutger. Hans Kesar had been killed in the blast by that explosion. (PROSE: Dreams Of Empire)

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