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Harlequin Miniatures is a company founded in 1994. They created a range of 28mm scale Doctor Who miniatures that covered the "classic series" (stories produced from 1963 - 1989) including the 1996 TV movie. They began producing Doctor Who miniatures at the end of 1997, beginning with the Second Doctor, holding his 500 Year Diary.[1]

Notable miniatures and packs Edit

Harlequin Miniatures released several miniatures as bundled packs. Some of these are now worth much money. One Bundle includes all the Small Units (e.g. Daleks; Cybermen, Doctors, Autons, Sea Devils). This is worth over £650. The latter Bundle includes EVERY unit including War Machines, an Invasion of the Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus rex, two Pterodactyl units, Bessie, the Whomobile and a UNIT Land Rover and is valued over £1000.

Some notable units are:

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Howe, David J. & Blumberg, Arnold T., 2001, Howe's Transcendental Toybox (1st edition), Telos Publishing and ATB Publishing, Great Britain, p.290

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