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Harold Chorley was a British television and print journalist.

When the British government decided to allow only one correspondent into the London Underground to cover the British Army's fight against the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti, Chorley was selected for the job. At first he was proud to be chosen for this unique assignment, but when he realised the danger he was in, he panicked and attempted to flee. His disappearance caused several people, including Jamie McCrimmon, to suspect him of working for the Great Intelligence. During the crisis, he met Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. (TV: The Web of Fear)

When he tried to reveal the truth of what happened, the government had him blocked and blacklisted from the BBC. Chorley took his colleague Larry Greene's career with him. (PROSE: The Schizoid Earth, Mutually Assured Domination) In 1969, Chorley was a freelancer who was still struggling to work, found himself mocked by figures like Vanessa Redgrave, and was separated from his wife.

After covering an anti-war protest and saving two hippies from police violence, Chorley was drawn into a conspiracy around Dominex Industries. He became tied to Lethbridge-Stewart after phoning him to get bailed out of jail, and promised to report what he found at Dominex. The company turned out to be a front for the Dominators and after looking into it with Lethbridge-Stewart, Chorley was captured and brainwashed into doing puff pieces for the aliens. The brainwashing failed at a crucial moment and Chorley was able to save Lethbridge-Stewart, but his memories were left a confused jumble. (PROSE: Mutually Assured Domination)

For years after, he would attempt to reveal the existence of aliens and be stonewalled by UNIT. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son original opening)

In the 1970s, he hosted a daytime chat show called Chorley's People. His counterpart on the Inferno Earth also hosted a show of the same name. (PROSE: Still Lives)

After leaving journalism, he supplemented his retirement fund by ghost-writing autobiographies.

With only a month left to live, Lethbridge-Stewart summoned Chorley to his nursing home and asked Chorley to help him write his memoirs. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son original opening)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The article A Brief History of the Lethbridge-Stewarts, available as a download from the Lethbridge-Stewart website, is an in-universe history of the Lethbridge-Stewart family credited to Harold Chorley. Because it is non-narrative, it is not a valid source on this wiki.
  • A reporter named Harold Chorley was briefly mentioned in the Sherlock episode The Lying Detective.

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