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Captain Harris was a member of the Spaerons who came to Earth following the destruction of their own world.

Destruction of home world Edit

Captain Harris and his race were a peaceful tribe who lived on an ocean world until the Daleks activated their Reality Bomb. Somehow many of the Spaerons managed to escape the destruction of their planet, with Captain Harris as their leader.

Relocating to Earth Edit

Captain Harris built a new civilisation in an ocean on Earth, building a house of parliaments and transport for his people. When the Tenth Doctor and Heather came across Harris's civilisation, the Doctor, feeling responsible for the destruction of their home world, helped Harris find a new home for his species. He also uncovered a corrupt Spaeron called Askelia who planned to flood the Earth.

After they foiled Askelia's plans, the Doctor relocated Harris and his race to Kenru Za, so that they could rebuild their empire. (COMIC: The Aquarius Condition)

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