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Harry Bosco was a man who would alter information fed to the public during the Vietnam War. In the words of Esther Drummond, "He did it by mistranslation. He couldn't censor or change, but he could manipulate the English translation. Change one word, change the entire meaning."

Eventually, Harry Bosco became not the man, but the process; his name was used as a verb to signify altering information.

Oswald Danes attempted to trick the Torchwood team by feeding them the name "Harry Bosco" as the man behind the Miracle. Esther, however, did not buy it.

The Harry Bosco process was used on a statement by a young burnt man at a blood bank in Shanghai, two days before he died, before the Miracle. In the original Wu dialect, he said, "The Blessing changed my life." This was purposely mistranslated into Mandarin as, "It's a blessing my life was saved," and finally into English, as "It's a godsend that my life was saved." (TV: The Gathering)

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