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Harry Sullivan's War (novel)

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Harry Sullivan's War
Harry Sullivans War
Main character(s): Harry Sullivan
Featuring: Sarah Jane, the Brig
Main setting: England, Yarra, Scotland and Paris, May 1983
Key crew
Publisher: Target Books
Writer: Ian Marter
Release details
Release number: 2
Release date: 11 September 1986
Format: Paperback Book, 148 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20250-3
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Publication order
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Harry Sullivan's War was a novel that featured Harry Sullivan. It was written by Ian Marter.

Publisher's summary Edit

It is ten years since Harry Sullivan left UNIT and gave up his travels in the TARDIS with the Doctor and Sarah Jane.

Since then he has been engaged in top secret work, developing antidotes to nerve toxins. But when he is transferred to Yarra in the Hebrides to work on weapons research, he has severe misgivings. For one thing, it goes against much of what he believes in. For another, someone is out to kill Harry Sullivan.

Who wants Harry safely out of the way? What significance does a painting by Van Gogh have in the affair? And can Harry's old friend, the Brigadier, really be involved in a scheme which threatens the security of the Western World?

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • It's been ten years since Harry left UNIT.
  • The Zygons are mentioned.

Notes Edit

  • Author Ian Marter played Harry Sullivan on television. To date, the late actor-turned-writer remains one of only two people to have ever written a Doctor Who-related novel featuring the character whom he played on the series, alongside John Barrowman, who wrote Exodus Code. Marter also wrote novelisations of two stories featuring Harry, The Ark in Space and The Sontaran Experiment. The novel Harry Sullivan's War was first published in October 1986, the same month that Marter died.
  • According to his Myth Makers video interview, Ian Marter had planned to kill Harry off at the end of the story, but was prevented from doing so by the publishers, who wanted the character to be left alive for a possible sequel.
  • Harry Sullivan's War is written in such a style that Harry appears in every single scene, and thus the reader never knows more than Harry knows — there are no cutaways to what the villains are planning, for example.

Continuity Edit

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