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Haruka Deep-Ando was a human military conscript in the 38th century assigned to a rescue team sent to investigate why all contact had been lost with Le Verrier space station in orbit around Neptune. Considering himself the joker of the group, Deep-Ando soon discovered that this mission was no laughing matter when he became separated from his unit and face-to-face with the Sandmen, a conglomeration of sentient sleep dust that had evolved from the Morpheus process and consumed their sleeping hosts. He evaded the Sandmen for a time, but was cornered by the creatures and killed. (TV: Sleep No More)

Personality Edit

Deep-Ando fancied himself as a joker and was almost never without a joke or quip ready. However, the terrifying situation aboard the Le Verrier station soon began to take its toll on him and his joking attitude faded to reveal fear in his final moments. (TV: Sleep No More)