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Hawkshaw Manor was a nursing home.

Around 2011, a damaged Vorlax Regeneration Drone arrived there and hid itself with a perception filter. It then continued its normal function of putting the minds of dying infantry into new young bodies, but with the residents instead of soldiers. It made the dead bodies disappear and hid the children with the filter as well. Hawkshaw Manor buried empty coffins to cover this up. The Eleventh Doctor came to investigate, since he had seen archaeologists excavate the coffins eight centuries later.

The Doctor was able to repair the drone and send it to another planet. Before it left, Amy asked the Doctor to give the other residents the opportunity for rejuvenation as well. He asked them if they wished to be children again and live out their lives on another world. They all accepted. A cover story was made that all the residents had been transferred to another facility in New Zealand, and Hawkshaw Manor was closed. (COMIC: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

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