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You may be looking for the core, or "heart", of the TARDIS.

Heart of TARDIS was the thirty-second BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Victoria Waterfield, and the Fourth Doctor, Romana I and K9 Mark II. This was the first multi-Doctor novel in the Past Doctor Adventures line up, though in BBC Books' overall publishing line up the most recent multi-Doctor novel was PROSE: Interference - Book One/Interference - Book Two. Unlike previous multi-Doctor stories the Second and Fourth Doctors do not meet in this novel.

Publisher's summary Edit

In the American Midwestern town of Lychburg, something is afoot. Its citizens are being killed in inexpressibly horrible and brutal ways and the police don't have a clue who's responsible. The only suspects are a mysterious and sinister stranger, who calls himself the Doctor, and his young companions Jamie and Victoria.

The Fourth Doctor and Romana, meanwhile, have been summoned by the Gallifreyan High Council. A force has been unleashed into the space/time continuum... a force so unimaginably terrible that it is set to rip the universe itself apart and plunge it into primal, screaming chaos from which nothing will survive.

Of course, since something of this nature happens every other day of the week, the Doctor's really far more interested in finding out what's happened to a close personal friend, who seems to have vanished under mysterious circumstances. And quite right, too. The fate of a universe plunging into foetid and unending chaos can look out for itself for a change...

Chapter Titles Edit

  • Prologue: The preliminary agronomy of cyclones
  1. The Creature from Existing Stock Footage (and the Unfortunate Consequences of Paratemporal Bravura)
  2. A Meander Through the Relics
  3. The Return of the Final Revenge of the Creature - Part Two
  4. Developments of an Egregious Nature
  5. In the Nation of the Solid State
  6. Meanwhile Back At...
  7. Strangers in Purgatory
  8. Partial Definitions of Disorder
  9. Sins of the Various Flesh
  10. Cheating the Reader
  11. A Small Tour of the Perimeters
  12. An Assemblage of Small Mementoes
  13. A Sunny Afternoon in Central Park
  14. Reversals Without Transition
  15. Making Different Plans
  16. The Festival of Masks
  17. The Spirit of Free Enterprise
  18. The Best Laid Plans
  19. Everything Must Go Before the Dark
  20. An Attendance to the Opening of Hell
  21. Everything Merges in the Night
  22. The Doctrine of Opposites, and What It Really Means to You
  23. Everybody Comes Together
  24. The Arrangement and Expeditious Disposal of Artefacts
  25. Everything is Happening at Once
  • Epilogue: But There's One Thing

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Biology Edit

  • John Benton was exposed to something during his career in UNIT that enables him to hold off the effects of an anaesthetic dart for a short time.

Culture Edit

The Doctor Edit

  • The Second Doctor has small, neat handwriting.
  • The Second Doctor can play the recorder while hanging upside down.
  • The Fourth Doctor reflects that one of the things lost during his forced regenerations was the knack for making soufflés.
  • Romana disapproves of the style of the Second Doctor's console room, while the Fourth Doctor at least appreciates it from a nostalgic perspective.

Individuals Edit

Languages Edit

  • Jamie McCrimmon can now write in English although it's broken and spelt phonetically.

Species Edit

  • The Daleks, upon hearing rumours of Collectors present near their system, pretend that their planet had been destroyed.
  • The Second Doctor notes that his people are sensitive to the 'shape' of the world, allowing him to sense that he is in a pocket dimension such as the one containing Lychburg.
  • The Fourth Doctor met two Jarakabeth. One was impersonating Aleister Crowley, the other was Katharine Delbane.

Technology Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Fourth Doctor sees and hides from the Second Doctor in the TARDIS console room at one point; the two never actually meet, with the Fourth hiding under the console on the opposite side from his past self until the Second Doctor leaves the console room again.
  • Many of the characters are direct copies of The Simpsons characters in this novel (not the Doctor or any of his companions, of course). However Dr Nick (Dr Rick), Dr Hibbert, comic book guy and others all make noticeable appearances to the Second Doctor. A bartender named "Moe" is mentioned.

Continuity Edit

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