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Helena was a human who became immortal and lived on Earth for over 2000 years, all the while making an effort to protect Erimem whenever Erimem time travelled to whatever year Helena was living in at the time.

Biography Edit

Original life Edit

Helena was originally a slave of the Princess Asha in 2nd century BC Alexandria. An encounter with a crashed alien ship graced Helena with immortality. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

Roaming the Earth Edit

Helena was in Alexandria when Cleopatra committed suicide in 1st century BC. When a Roman centurion attempted to stab Erimem from the behind outside Cleopatra's mausoleum, Helena silently slit the centurion's throat, killing him without Erimem noticing. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

In 1884, Helena was Thomas Edison's secretary in New York City. (PROSE: Wardenclyffe)

On 30 November 1936, Helena was among those who greeted Jewish refugees to London at an event which was covered on the second page of The Daily Mirror. (PROSE: Tomorrow's Fish and Chips)

With Ibrahim Hadmani in the 21st century Edit

Helena met Ibrahim Hadmani in 2007 and they quickly fell in love. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

In 2015, Helena was the girlfriend of Ibrahim Hadmani. She was a fan of the American television series CSI and NCIS. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

Potential future Edit

In a timeline which was later averted by Erimem, Helena became captured by a fundamentalist cult who tortured her, giving her the title "The Abomination". (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

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