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Mrs Hemming was a woman who organised a seance in the 19th century in England. The Eighth Doctor and Anji Kapoor attended the seance.

Mrs Hemming lived in a pleasant house off Kensington Church Street in London. She was a kind and hospitable woman. She was even friendly to William, whom the other people didn't respect very much. She believed in the afterlife and thought it was a place where all of the people's desires were fulfilled.

Shortly after Mrs Hemming's seance started a voice appeared. The voice knew about Fitz Kreiner's time travels and told everyone about it. Then the voice told everyone that there would be a terrible war, but that most of the guests would be dead by then. After that the voice started to sing in an unpleasant, babbling way. Mrs Hemming and the others got out of the room. Mrs Hemming took care of her guests. (PROSE: Camera Obscura)

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