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Henry Collins, known as Cash, was the captain of the Ice Maiden.

Biography Edit

Cash was born in Scotland.

Cash and his father had dragged for blue-mouthed redfish in between survey trips for British Petroleum and Exxon. They had also performed covert drilling operations around the globe for several organisations. After his father died, Cash named the ship "Ice Maiden", and retrofitted it with air cannons, state-of-the-art sonar trawls, acoustic sensors and a full deck of electronic equipment. He used the ship's new facilities to work for oceanic and geology departments of universities and scientific institutes. He also occasionally allowed for governments and their agencies to use the ship to perform missions that were under the radar.

In 2012, Cash and his crew aided Jack Harkness in dealing with the Helix Intelligence crisis. (PROSE: Exodus Code)

Appearance Edit

Cash was "handsome and solid". (PROSE: Exodus Code)

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