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Admiral Sir Henry Montague was a respected Naval officer. He somehow learned of the Cardiff Space-Time Rift and the aliens which came through it. He planned to make use of them, breeding them as the perfect soldiers. In 1869, he bought the HMS Hades, claiming that it would be used as an orphanage. Instead, the orphans were experimented on and fed to the subjects.

Around 1899, William Mayhew somehow learned of Montague's operations and contacted Torchwood Three. Montague had him killed, capturing Jack Harkness at the same time. When Charles Gaskell investigated him, Montague sent two thugs to kill him as well, though they were unsuccessful. After Torchwood destroyed the HMS Hades, he planned to continue his research, but he was killed by two Blowfish who learned of his experiments. (PROSE: The Baby Farmers)

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