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Doctor Who: Heroes and Monsters Collection was a collection of reprinted short stories, primarily featuring the Tenth Doctor-era stories that were originally published in the Doctor Who Files book series. In addition, several Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor short stories are reprinted from various editions of the Doctor Who Annual published between 2007 and 2014.

The anthology also included three previously unpublished short stories featuring the War Doctor, Clara Oswald and the Twelfth Doctor.

Publisher's summary Edit

A new story collection featuring 26 adventures across time and space!

The Heroes and Monsters Collection brings together our favourite short stories from the last ten years of Doctor Who. In these tales the Doctor and his companions face the Daleks, the Cybermen and many more terrifying foes. Also includes three brand-new stories for 2015, featuring the War Doctor, Clara and the Twelfth Doctor.

With all the humour and thrilling action of the iconic television programme, the Heroes and Monsters Collection is a wonderful read for any Doctor Who fan.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 The Stranger Gary Russell War Doctor Daleks
2 The Hero Factor Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor Rose Tyler
3 Mission to Galacton Justin Richards none Daleks
4 Stamp of Approval Jacqueline Rayner Tenth Doctor Rose
5 The Final Darkness Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor Rose, Sycorax
6 No Fun at the Fair Jacqueline Rayner Tenth Doctor Rose, Slitheen
7 Taking Mickey Justin Richards none Mickey Smith
8 Needlepoint Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Martha Jones
9 A Dog's Life Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Sarah Jane Smith, K9
10 The Secret of the Stones Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Martha
11 The Planet That Wept Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Martha
12 Disappearing Act Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Donna Noble, Ood
13 Once Upon a Time Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Donna
14 Best Friends Justin Richards none Jack Harkness
15 Most Beautiful Music Justin Richards Tenth Doctor Donna
16 Secret of Arkatron Justin Richards Eleventh Doctor Amy Pond
17 Blind Terror Justin Richards none Sontarans, Rutans
18 Amy's Escapade Justin Richards Eleventh Doctor Amy, Rory Williams
19 Rory's Adventure Justin Richards Eleventh Doctor Amy, Rory
20 The Fifty-year Delay Moray Laing Eleventh Doctor none
21 Birth of a Legend Justin Richards none Cult of Skaro
22 Lorna's Escape Jason Loborik Eleventh Doctor Lorna Bucket
23 Going Off the Rails Justin Richards none Cyberman
24 Normality Gary Russell Eleventh Doctor Clara Oswald, Courtney Woods
25 When the Wolves Came Moray Laing Twelfth Doctor Clara
26 Buyer's Remorse Gary Russell Twelfth Doctor none

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