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Hexford was a village in Sussex. (AUDIO: Tsar Wars) It was near Little Hodcombe. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me)

One of the Doctor's houses, Nest Cottage, was located there. Other locations in the village included a village green, a church, and a mini-market. (AUDIO: Tsar Wars)

The Fourth Doctor's TARDIS became temporarily stuck in the village after the Demon stole components from its spatial geometer. During this period in the Doctor's life, the TARDIS could still travel through time. (AUDIO: The Relics of Time et al)

The Fifth Doctor encountered the Master in Hexford in 2016. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me)

Behind the scenes Edit

The village where Nest Cottage is located goes unnamed in Hornets' Nest and Demon Quest, with the name "Hexford" originating from Serpent Crest. In 2010, between the releases of Hornets' Nest and Serpent Crest, Paul Magrs wrote an unlicensed comic called The Housekeeper which was published in VWOORP! VWOORP! magazine. This comic named the village "Darkholmes". When Magrs reused Darkholmes in the fully-licensed novel Fellowship of the Ink, he introduced Hexford College as a location in the village.