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Commander Hilred was a member of the Chancellery Guard. He was responsible for the arrival of a TT Capsule which transducted itself into the Capitol on Gallifrey. He identified the Doctor's TARDIS as a Type 40, which he said it was impossible because all Type 40s were deregistered and non-operational, and let the Fourth Doctor escape, much to the disappointment of Castellan Spandrell. After this and possibly many other failures, Castellan Spandrell lost most or all of his respect for him.

Spandrell gave Hilred the job of disfiguring the Master's appearance with a staser after he had been presumed dead, as this was the only job he could trust him with. However, the Master had faked his own death and, when Hilred got to him, had already revived, and subsequently killed Hilred. (TV: The Deadly Assassin)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In the novelisation of The Deadly Assassin, his name was Hildred, rather than Hilred, but in the episode, he is credited (and referred to in the subtitles on the DVD release) as Hilred.

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