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Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Jungle of Doom
You may be looking for Turlough's school chum, Ibbotson.

A hippopotamus[1] — commonly known as a hippo — was a large, Earth-native mammal that spent the bulk of its time in bodies of fresh water in jungles. The Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon once used a herd of animals — which included hippopotami — to stampede a group of Quarks. (COMIC: Jungle of Doom)

The Sixth Doctor once complained to a television station because, amongst other programming deficiencies, they allowed a blue hippo to be a newsreader. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

In 1860, Sir Edward Scrivener had the head of a hippopotamus mounted in his home, Gralstead House. (AUDIO: The Ghosts of Gralstead)

Breeds Edit

Pygmy hippos were a diminutive sub-species once encountered by K9 Mark I. (PROSE: K9 and the Missing Planet)

Footnotes Edit

  1. This article generally concerns itself with hippopotami whose exact breed was not known. You may be looking for information about more specific sub-species

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