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Hitchemus was a planet which orbited Beta Canum Venaticorum (also known as Chara), a G-type star. A day lasted for twenty-two hours with no more than six hours of darkness. There was only one landmass on the planet (Port Any), as Hitchemus was seven-eighths ocean. The nearest human colony to Hitchemus was Chi Bootis.

Hitchemus was known for its arts and artists. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)

The Doctor once saw horseshoe crabs deep in an ocean trench on Hitchemus, living in the remnants of a human city. (PROSE: The Southwell Park Mermaid)

Bernice Summerfield visited Hitchemus when she bought a photograph of Aurigan artwork taken on Capella Four. (PROSE: Steal from the World)

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