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HomeWorld was the central governing body of a system spreading across many planets, including Birling and the asteroid housing the Prison. The Governor had been the head of the HomeWorld Government, but had been disposed after an election scandal.

There had been a Lopo outbreak on the planet Birling, one of the outer colonies, after those in opposition to the Governor, specifically the Professor of Acupuncture and Astrology, convinced the public on those planets that the vaccines against the old disease stunted children's growth in an attempt to prevent them from voting and therefore prevent them from voting for the Governor. This, plus the restriction of ships carrying the vaccine to the outer colony, caused Birling to go into quarantine while the Honorary Chair of MedAuth, Helen, who was also the Governor's wife, was visiting, trapping her there. This was the first stage of the Governor's downfall as he spent so much time communicating with his trapped wife that he neglected to focus as much as he should have on the upcoming election.

However, the disease soon mutated and affected even the adults who were vaccinated as children. Many people died, including Helen. The government was then blamed for not having supplied enough vaccine, despite much of the reason that people weren't being vaccinated was due to the propaganda of the opposition. This bad publicity made the Governor fear not being re-elected, causing his Chief Advisor, Marianne Globus, to perform a "slight statistical correction" of votes to make sure he still won.

However, some people noticed the vote rigging, causing a public out-cry. To assure the public that he was innocent of these claims and that he was law-abiding, he commissioned the building of the Prison. He also managed to put some of his opponents into the Prison to prevent them from causing trouble. However, a journalist for TransNet noticed the precision with which the voting had been manipulated, causing the Governor to only just win in each of the rigged seats. While the journalist's questions were blocked by the Governor's legal council, the journalist persisted. The opposition got behind the journalist, forcing the Governor to face the accusations and promised an inquiry.

The inquiry was lead by Lafcardio, a law professor, and he exonerated the Governor. The public took the opposite view to Lafcardio, and the Governor had to fire Marianne Globus and issue an apology. This still didn't calm the public, and the opposition were put into power.

The Prison was completed under the new government, and most of the previous government were put into it after it was completed with the Governor at its head, the jailer of his former friends. Many other prisoners were sent to the Prison over time, with 428 prisoners at its peak. The 428th prisoner was the Twelfth Doctor. The then government then decided to eliminate the prisoners in the Prison, causing power failures sending the Prison into shut-down and causing the Custodians to attack and kill all the inhabitants of the Prison. The Doctor and Clara Oswald, with the help of the reluctant TARDIS, managed to save a large portion of the inhabitants but sadly couldn't save them all.

While the Governor was in the Prison, the HomeWorld government started to fail due to unpopular policies. The Lopo epidemic had spread across the outer colonies, requiring supplies to be constantly sent out from the centre of the HomeWorld. Because the cost of these supplies was greater than the income generated for the Government from these colonies, the HomeWorld Government decided to focus on the needs of the central HomeWorld over those of the outer colonies, an idea named HomeWorldFirst, which would have restricted the supplies being sent out to the amount of return the Government was getting from them. This, along with plans to build a shopping centre on a park, caused public outrage and a protest movement which the government couldn't control, eventually leading to the government's downfall with very little bloodshed. As the Governor was the only viable alternative to the Government, the Government started the series of events in the Prison with the intention of eliminating the Governor and all witnesses, which the Doctor thwarted.

The public were calling for the Governor to be reinstated at the head of the Government, painting him as a hero in comparison to the one they had before. It is unknown whether or not the Governor accepted the position. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

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