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Horatio Lynk was a thief from the spaceport Cornucopia. He assisted the Eleventh Doctor in defeating the Crime Lords and the Prometheans.

Biography Edit

Due to a radiation storm caused by the Ziggurat of Cornucopia, the city was taken over by the Crime Lords, led by Granny Solasta, head of ThiefCorp. Horatio was one of Solasta's students, quickly becoming a skilled thief. He had his eyes on one of Granny's takings: The Star of Solitude, which he believed to be connected to the Ziggurat. He eventually broke away from Granny and gained a reputation as the best thief in Cornucopia. During this time he created a cosmic radiation battery in preparation for obtaining the Star, and also helped the exceptionally poor, such as when he helped Mrs Mintus get her child food and vaccinations.

Later, Lynk broke into Granny's collection and successfully stole the star and replaced it with a fake while going unnoticed. However, his cover was blown when the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams arrived. Unwilling to watch her being attacked by the guards, he rescued her and escaped by hover-board. In the air, they were attacked by the Hijackers Guild. After they attempted to flee, the hijackers opened fire, destroying the board and knocking Lynk unconscious. As they fell Amy saved both their lives by using his wrist-gadget to swing them both to safety. After waking him with a bucket of water, they travelled to the city centre towards his home. As Amy asks for his help finding the Doctor and Rory, they are stopped by the Kidnappers Federation. Lynk fights them off but is once again saved by Amy, who accidentally knocks them out with a somna-net. When they reached his house, he used the cosmic radiation battery and the star to teleport onto the Ziggurat with Amy, where they found the Doctor, Rory and the Crime Lords. Granny ordered her men to kill him and gave chase, demanding the Star. Upon entering the cockpit, he realised that the Star is the ignition key. Before he could use it the Doctor tackled him to the ground. The Crime Lords, realising that only one could take the Ziggurat's treasures, turned on each other, leaving Granny the only one left alive. Granny held Amy at gunpoint and Horatio gave up the star. However, the Doctor had switched it with the fake, and destroyed it, accidentally activating a self-destruct in the process. With Granny refusing to leave, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, Horatio and Granny's assistant, Miss Ghost, escaped in the TARDIS before it exploded. Horatio then watched the clear skies with Amy and Rory, commenting that now that the rad-storm had cleared up, Cornucopia could become a spaceport again. He then kissed Amy, to Rory's horror, and left. (COMIC: The Cornucopia Caper)

He kept an eye on Miss Ghost, who went into port authorities. A year later, when the Hunters attacked Cornucopia, he rescued the Doctor and Ian Chesterton from the Prometheans. He agreed to help them search for Barbara Wright by breaking into Miss Ghost's apartment. After deactivating the security protocols and encountering Patrick Lake, he was knocked unconscious when a hole was blasted in the side of the building by the Hunters. The Doctor, Ian and Patrick were taken, leaving Horatio behind. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)