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House of Lungbarrow

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House of Lungbarrow
Affiliation: Prydon Chapter
Bases: House of Lungbarrow, Gallifrey
Leader: Quences (head of the household)
Notable members: The Doctor
Irving Braxatiel
Size: 45 cousins
Appearances: PROSE: Lungbarrow
PROSE: Unnatural History
TV: The Day of the Doctor
TV: Listen

The House of Lungbarrow was one of the Prydonian Houses and the family home of the Doctor. It was located in the southern mountain range on Gallifrey, overlooking the Cadonflood River. The Doctor returned there in his seventh incarnation.

Owis had been Loomed last out of all of them. It had its name from the mountain it was grown/built into, Mount Lung and its adjacent hills. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

It had a barn that the First Doctor often slept in as a child to hide his crying. When the War Doctor later returned to this barn on the last day of the Last Great Time War to activate The Moment, it was surrounded by a desert and there was no sign of any other buildings. (TV: Listen)

Known staff and members Edit

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