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How Much For Just The Planet? was a gag-strip printed in DWM 301, which represented an (entirely fictional) potential Doctor Who spin-off; a sitcom featuring Sabalom Glitz and Melanie Bush. The comic was a part of a series of possible "alternate universe" TV shows, and was attached to a fictional description of the show's history.

Summary Edit

Glitz and Mel are trying to run their store, but suddenly have troubles with a crab monster who has nine items in the eight-item line. The monster becomes angered at Glitz, and begins attacking him. Mel knocks the creature over in self-defence, accidentally knocking him into the trash compactor. Mel is horrified, but Glitz has an idea, as he is next seen selling Crab Pasta to customers. Mel exclaims "Oh, Glitz."

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

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