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Howard "Howie" Spragg was an abducted human who found himself in the Minotaur's "hotel".

Howie had a stammer for which he had recently undergone successful therapy. He lived with his mother and knew that she would be concerned that he had not returned home. His faith lay in conspiracy theories, many of which involved the CIA. He was abducted while working on his blog.

He stumbled across "his" room at the "hotel", where attractive girls mocked him, making his stammer return. The Minotaur possessed him. The Eleventh Doctor used the possessed Howie's voice as bait to draw the Minotaur into the open while Howie actually was tied up with Gibbis as his guard. However, Howie convinced the cowardly Gibbis to release him, knowing Howie would willingly sacrifice himself to the Minotaur. (TV: The God Complex)

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