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This forum is for the discussion of things not actually provided by the narratives of the Doctor Who universe. Discussions here revolve around speculation, plot holes, and theories that solve continuity "issues". This is the place to come when you want to discuss narrative problems, rather than engaging in these discussions in articles or on article talk pages. Like all our fora, this one is open to all users of the site.

There be spoilers hereEdit

Users should be aware that discussions in this forum tend to be started quickly after the first transmission of episodes, or the initial release of non-televised stories. Thus, if you haven't experienced the latest stories, this won't be a particularly "spoiler-free" zone.

We have tried to enact additional security for those people wishing to avoid spoilers. All pages created here are automatically behind a "screen", requiring you to choose to read it. Even if you're the author of the thread, you will encounter this screen the first time you look at your published thread. Once you choose to view the page however, your browser will remember your choice and not have you answer the question again. At least, not until you clear your cookies or switch browsers.

What this forum is notEdit

Though this is a pretty free-form discussion area, the Howling isn't for general discussion. Some no-nos are: "who is your favourite" discussions, personal discussions or off-topic discussion. Basically, if your discussion isn't about trying to understand the DWU better — then we reserve the right to delete it without warning.

If you're looking for a less restrictive forum environment, there are plenty of Doctor Who related forums on the internet. See here for a list.

Our other forumsEdit

For all general queries about the Whoniverse and the people, places and things in the real world that help create it, please visit the reference desk.

For all discussion relating to the policies and procedures of this wiki, please visit the Panopticon.

For the discussion of any factual, non-speculative issues that relate to specific articles, please post your message on that article's discussion page.

Good practicesEdit

To help users to find topics please make you title descriptive. Titles can be questions — "why did this and such happen?" — or they may be statements. However you choose to title your forum thread, just make sure that it clearly describes the topic. Otherwise, other users may not notice it.

Check the archives Edit

From time to time, The Howling will be archived by bot. To avoid disrupting too many conversations, archiving will take place a minimum of a month after the final broadcast of a Doctor Who series.

Due to the relatively unsophisticated nature of the forum "software" powering The Howling, this unfortunately will mean that a few conversations will still get interrupted. If a conversation in which you're interested has been archived, please just start a new thread and include a link back to the original thread.

Archived threads will be found at The Howling archives.

Sign your stuff Edit

Please remember to sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ("~~~~") or clicking the signature icon ( Sig ) in the edit toolbar.

Thread indexEdit

Please make sure that your topic name summarises your topic in a way that will be easily searchable.



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