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Has anyone else noiticed the big similarity between The Silence and The Slender Man. As it is a tall, grey faced, wierd arm, suit wearing, silent creature. Also The Slender Man known as 'The Operator', from the Marble Hornets videos, has the ability to wipe peoples memories. Bhillybillybob 23:48, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

Also kidnaps children and causes amnesia.. The character design is nearly exactly the same, the face with no visible eyes mouth or nose, the "man in black suit", the long fingers/tentacles used to cease victims, not to mention the alien invasion storyline and the marks that appeared on the characters faces? Moffat bloody half-inched it. Shame on him, it's just disgusting to steal somebody elses work and pass it off as your own.


To be fair, the Silence is more obviously akin to Grey Aliens and the Men in Black. The Grey Aliens would normally abduct you and you would forget about it and the only ones who can describe their appearances are insane people. Men in Black make you forget an alien sighting. The fact that they don't look completely like Grey Aliens is deliberate, because people can't describe exactly what they look like. Slender Man may have influence from these references as well, but it's most obvious where the inspiration comes from. ~ Kelv


The Scream by Edvard Munch ~18:00, May 26, 2011


OH and that, and that. I forgot that, Moffat mentioned that. He did right? I think, in Confidential? I don't get to follow the show that much anymore. ~ Kelv


To end alot of confusion here, I have a few things to say: First of, these creatures DO in fact have facial features, though these features usually remain unnoticed. They in fact, have small beady eyes nearly the same color as their skin, and a hole-like mouth which opens up like the mouth of a worm. They also do not have the same skin color as Slenderman, and the hand that they use have neither tendrils/tentacles, or are human like at all. How ever, they do have a smiliar build-up to human hand, as they have three bone-joints to their two fingers, and one thumb. The only thing they have in common with Slenderman is that they are both bald. Even more, only a FEW of these creatures actually wear suits, which they only do in symbolism to their "superiority" to the human race. Also, a rather important aspect, is that they are not called "The Silence", rather, one of them is called a Silent; (Plural: Silents) However, they do head the semi-religous group known as the Silence, whose goal is to destroy the oldest question in the universe: "Doctor who?" The Silence, however, is made up of many species not native to Earth. (Though technically, the Silents were the species on earth prior to humans, though it is unknown if they are originally from earth or not, and/or how long they have existed exactly.) Hope this clears a few things.

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